Insituware Reduces Material Defects

See how Insituware can reduce materials defects in your electronics manufacturing process.

Cleanliness and High Reliability

Stay ahead of the updated J-STD-001, Rev G., Amendment 1 cleanliness standard. Determine the cleanliness of a PCB through electrochemical measurements of residue for corrosivity.

How do you ensure that an assembly is clean?
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Incoming Quality Control

Predict the printability and consistency of incoming solder pastes to prevent printing and reflow failures.

How do you ensure that solder paste is fit for use?
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Materials Root Cause Analysis

Determine the root cause of unknown residues on your assemblies.

How can you diagnose materials related problems?
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What is the Vision MARK-1?

Take a first look at our hand-held diagnostic tool that will be the complete solution for controlling materials in your facility.

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Why Insituware?

Lab Vs. In Situ

Insituware measures materials "in situ" (i.e. while in use)
See below some of the differences between lab and in situ measurements

Lab measurements

  • Accurate: Gold standard measurements

  • Expensive: Required trained lab technicians and costly equipment

  • Slow: Must ship the materials to the facility

In situ measurements

  • Serves Utility: Enables users to make decisions quickly and inexpensively

  • Inexpensive: Highly integrated sensors can be deployed at scale due to low cost

  • Quick: Automated interpretation

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