Materials are often assumed to be consistent and always work in manufacturing, but this is not true. Unlike other process inputs, materials are expected to change.

Cleanliness and High Reliability

How do you ensure that an assembly is clean?

The new revision of IPC-J-STD-001, Rev G, Amendment 1 has established new standards for cleanliness testing that now require objective evidence that the cleaning process is producing a clean and reliable assembly.

The Vision MARK-1 uses a new technique to determine the cleanliness of a PCB through electrochemical measurements of residue for corrosivity.

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Fitness For Use in Solder Paste

How do you ensure that solder paste is fit for use?

As solder paste ages - either through time, heat, or being printed - a reaction occurs between the flux activator and solder balls. This results in a decrease in rheologic recovery over time, increasing the probability of skips and failures.

Solder paste is widely used in manufacturing processes without prior inspection or quality control despite over half of assembly and reflow soldering defects originating from the stencil printing process.

The Vision MARK-1 is an innovative tool for non-destructive inspection of solder paste both during use as well as testing prior to use to ensure its quality.

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