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electronics manufacturing

Take control of the materials in your facility with the Vision MARK-1, Insituware's hand-held diagnostic tool. The Vision MARK-1 uses machine learning technology to bring material control solutions right in your hand.


A Completely Modular Design

The Vision MARK-1 is built to last with expandable modules called 'Insights' for a futureproof design.

This modular design provides an easy way for you to control the materials in your facility.

  • Versatility

    Diagnostic swiss army knife for many purposes

  • Expandability

    Expandable with new functionality

  • Customization

    Able to be customized for specific problems

  • Upgradability

    Simple to use and ready to upgrade

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Electronics Manufacturing Applications

Control Your Materials With Vision

Measuring Materials In Situ
Residue Characterization

Predict the cleanliness and potential corrosivity of residues and correlate them to an SIR test in accordance with the J-STD-004B standard.

Residue Identification

Determine the potential cause of any unknown or unwanted residue on an electronic assembly.

Solder Paste Fitness for Use

Verify the consistency of an incoming solder paste and determine its fitness for use during the printing process.

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Electronics Manufacturing

How Vision Helps You Take Control


materials that constantly change

Use state of the art sensors and measure the material’s properties while in use.


materials before problems occur

Prevent problems before they occur through better process control.


your process

Our easy to use, familiar platform will guide you to the solutions you need.

Take Control

of your materials

Vision is your tool to control materials in use, diagnose materials-related defects and overall improve your process.

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